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The information on this website is for members, guests and bona fide visitors of the Sandhills Sports Club. Although the Club has taken reasonable care in preparing the information contained herein, the Club does not, and cannot, provide any warranty, guarantee or promise express or implied concerning the content, completeness, accuracy, currency or otherwise of any individual item of information provided through the website. The Club reserves the right to change, update or remove any information without notice. The Club cannot be held liable for the use of the information or accept any liability for any loss or damage which may arise from this information.

Privacy Policy

The Sandhills Sports Club is committed to the privacy of your personal information supplied through this website. The club will use the information to process your membership application and to provide its facilities and services to you. The club will not be able to offer its services to you if you do not supply the required information. The club may use your personal information for marketing purposes, which may include sending to you promotional materials and offers from the club and reputable third parties associated with the club. You can opt out of this marketing by contacting us and in all email marketing there is an unsubscribe option in the footer of all emails.

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